Roxi Pop (b. 1989) is a Romanian Fulbright scholar who graduated with an MA in Photojournalism from the University of Missouri. In 2012 she came to the United States to develop her visual storytelling and documentary skills, and to explore a culture very different from her own. For her master's project, (don't) jump the gate!, she focused on the Chautauqua utopian community located upstate New York. Intrigued and drawn by the beauty of the place, she decided to explore Chautauqua Institution, known in the history as one of the oldest adult educational camp and gated community in the U.S. After she graduated, Pop moved to Norfolk, Virginia, to assist the award-winning documentary photographer Matt Eich, and developed her own vision in photography. 

As The Fulbright Scholarship ended, Roxana moved back to Romania, launching her career as freelance photographer. After three years spent in U.S. from her counter-culture shock came to life her most personal long-term project, Today I am Home. The project is focused on her family and her process of accepting her forced departure from United States. Along her way of readapting, she discovered her mission of promoting, developing, and bringing documentary photography into the light. Together with fellow photographers, she founded the first international documentary photography festival, In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival which ran for two editions in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  After a serious burn-out, Pop stopped with the festival and refocused on her own practice. 

Photography also introduced her to her life partner, the Belgian artist, Tomas Bachot. After a few years spent together in Romania, they moved to Antwerp, Belgium. Together they launch B Pop Media, a photo & video production company.  Roxi currently activates in the cultural field, collaborating with different organisations, as photographer, videographer, artist and educator. 

Her work was published in: De Morgen, Getty Images, The New Yorker, AARP, NPR, Al Jazeera America, PDN, Contrast VR, The Independent, Foreign Policy, DoR, VICE, Dilema Veche