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Christy McCullough, now 16, had her accident on August 24, 2011, the first day of her sophomore year of high school. While out on a typical horseback ride with her sister, Brooke, McCullough’s horse stumbled and fell sending her and her horse end over end. As a result of the fall, McCullough sustained a traumatic brain injury.  McCullough didn’t wake up for two days. Her mother Nancy Miller says her recovery was only because she had one clear goal in mind: to win the Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri competition. She had been training for this event before her accident. She had to relearn how to ride a horse. And now she is required to wear a helmet. In a world where cowboy hats and glitz are the norm, the helmet seemed a monumental step for her.
The multimedia story was published in the Columbia Missourian , and recently was awarded by the Associated Press Sports Editors   in MULTIMEDIA, UNDER 500K UNIQUES category.
Video and photography by Roxi Pop
Audio and text by Meredith Turk

Miss Rodeo Queen Missouri 2013 from Roxana Pop on Vimeo.

This is a conceptual portrait of Varvara Fomina, multimedia journalist from Saint. Petersburg. She talks about her fears and dreams.

The adult's fear/ La peur d'adulte from Roxana Pop on Vimeo.

portrait from varvara fomina on Vimeo.


Thousands of Romanians gathered for the 24th anniversary of the fall of Ceaușescu's communist regime in 1989, which took place in Bucharest's Revolution Square. Remembrance turned to peaceful protests as demonstrators walked several kilometers through the streets of Bucharest, stopping at Piata Victoriei and ending in Revolution Square.

This was the largest, and the only protest on the day of remembrance since 1989.

romanian revolution from Roxana Pop on Vimeo.


"I am not one thing or the other," said Nabil. He is the invisible man as well as the flower itself. In his paintings, he combines colors palettes and visual symbols associated with femininity to describe masculinity, and, sexuality. In his view the key to the creative process is to play with a concept and with the medium, not to be rigid, not be be afraid to push a concept.
He is not comfortable to describe himself as gay nor as a straight person. He doesn’t want to be labeled or put in a box. Nabil is married, and in love with Mary. She is a fiber artist and she often makes handmade paper for Nabil’s paintings. Both of them are gay, and they have different partners. However, the way Nabil explains their marriage is like they are this art couple, who care for each other in daily life, as well as in their art.

Not one thing or the other from Roxana Pop on Vimeo.

I produced several multimedia stories while working as the multimedia editor for the Columbia Missourian newspaper, during fall 2013.  I was lucky to be part of such a talented visual journalists team.


Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 marked a few more firsts for Battle High School's inaugural year. Prior to the first regular Spartans football game of the season, the Spartan Sparklers' had their first public performance.  And named sophomore Kadee Dempsey as the first ever team captain.

Audio & Photography by Kholood Eid


Anthony Reeder, Iraq veteran deals with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by training Peggy, his pit bull, to become a service dog. Animal therapy is an alternative PTSD treatment that helps PTSD patience to gain their confidence and feel more secure in public spaces. Same therapy can be done using horses. For the last two years, Keith Kryger, Vietnam veteran rides his horse JD at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Center. Kryger suffers of PTSD but also recovered from a stroke. When he first went at Cedar Creek he couldn't walk on his own, now he rides alone.

Video by Viktorija Mickute & Mackenzie Bruce


Lewis and Janice Baumgartner bought their farm in 1979. Eager to fulfill his dream of farming, Lewis raised crops, cattle, chickens and hogs. However, the farming crisis of the early 1980's hit the Baumgartner's hard and forced him to declare bankruptcy.
Baumgartner has built a second career as a comedian out of mishaps such as these. Six years ago, a stroke interrupted his comedy career. After six weeks of intensive physical and speech therapy in the hospital, Lewis' recovery seemed on track. But another stroke in 2008 again sent him to the hospital a second time. This stroke affected his mobility and speech even more severely. He has spent the last five years regaining his voice so he can once again use humor to share a message.

Video and Audio by Varvara Fomina

Harvesting Laughter from Columbia Missourian on Vimeo.